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British Primary Library LibGuide

Information for students, parents, and teachers in the British Primary Section

Opening Hours

Library Opening Hours


Students - 7:30am - 3:00pm 

After 3pm students must be supervised by a parent or guardian whilst in the library.


Parents - 7.30 - 8.00 & 3.00 - 4.00

Not open to parents between 8.00 and 3.00. 


If you are using the Library after school, please check your books out before 3.50pm. 

Borrowing and Renewing

Number of items

  • Nursery/Reception/Year 1/Kindergarden & Flex/Petit Section: 1 book
  • Year 2/Moyenne Section/Grande Section: 2 books
  • Year 3-6, CP, CE1 &2, CM1 & 2, KL1-4: max. 4 books in any language
  • Teachers and Staff: Unlimited
  • Parents: Up to ten items on one Family account. This account is shared by all adult members of the family who have a parent smart card.

Loan Period

  • Infant students: 1 week
  • Junior students: 2 weeks
  • Teachers and Staff: 1 month
  • Parents: 2 weeks

If you haven’t finished your book when it is due, you can renew it for another 2 weeks as long as no other reader has requested it.

Overdue and Lost books


When library books are overdue the library system will send an automatic email reminder to students. These are sent every week for 3 weeks when the item/s become overdue. If the item has not been returned by the end of this period it will be considered lost and an invoice will be issued. Students are asked to inform a member of the library team if they think they have lost a book. 


If a book has been lost, there are two options. Either an identical copy can be purchased and given to the library or payment can be made to the Cashier's office after you receive an invoice from the library. There is an admin fee of NT$50 for each item that has been lost (on top of the replacement cost). For books that were purchased in the current academic year, there is an admin fee of $200nt for each item lost.  

If you have lost a book and paid for its replacement but have now found it, you will need to bring the book and the copy of the invoice that you received from the Cashier to the Library. We will inform finance who will refund you the money through your child's TES account. If you no longer have the invoice copy given to you by the Cashier, we cannot refund your money.  In this case, you will be allowed to keep the book.