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Taiwan Indigenous Tribes: Rukai

Introduce 4 Taiwan indigenous tribes (Paiwan, Bunun, Ami and Rukai) our British Junior students belong to to everyone!

To know the Rukai Tribe!

Speak of hundred-pace snakes, they might make you jump, but they are the guardian of Rukai tribe! They are so sacred that Princess Balenge was married to him. Lily is a tribal flower of the Rukai tribe. Only men who had hunted 5 boars or virtuous women are allowed to wear lilies. Once you see such patterns as hundred-pace snakes, pottery urns, lilies, and eagle feathers, you can be certain that you are in the Rukai territory.

Image source: TaiTung County Government Website (Accessed 15/03/2013)

Stories from the Rukai Tribe

Click on the book and read the story "Kabalhivane: our eternal home" from Rukai tribe online!

Books in the library

Little Science Hunters (Chinese only)