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Welcome to the ESC Math LibGuide. In this guide, you can find great books suitable for High School students to explore the beauty of math!


510 General Mathematics

512 Algebra

513 Arithmetic

515 Analysis

516 Geometry

518 Numerical analysis

519 Probabilities & applied mathematics

NEW! The Mathematical Gazette


The Mathematical Gazette

The Mathematical Gazette is one of the leading journals in its field, publishing important and influential articles about the teaching and learning of mathematics. It also features fascinating expositions of attractive areas of mathematics, book reviews, and a teasing problem corner. Its readership spans the globe and includes school teachers, college and university lecturers, students, educationalists and others with an interest in mathematics.

Latest issues are available at the Phase 2 library!

You can also browse the back issues on Cambridge University Press website ( Please contact the librarian for username and password to access the PDF files of The Mathematical Gazette.

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