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Interstellar- science behind the movie: Interstellar


Have you seen the movie Interstellar? Do you notice what books are on Murph's bookshelf? Some fans of Nolan figured out that this is a movie about time before it hits the screen only because they saw a scene of Murph's bookshelf in the trailer!! 

Here is the article (in Chinese) my friends shared  with me, the source of the "what did Murph read" booklist in this LibGuide.

* Nolan is the guest editor of the December issue of Wired magazine. Nolan explained why those titles are on Murph's bookshelf.

I have also put together some books about Wormhole or Time Travel in this guide. There are many more interesting fiction and non fiction books waiting to be explored in the library! Read and learn more after (or before!) you see the movie!

For Teachers

The official website of Interstellar provides downloadable lesson plans on topics on Arts & Literature, Math and Science for you to explore the universe with your class. Click HERE to go to the lesson plan webpage.

image source: Moviepilot

Science behind the movie

Paul Davies on Time Travel

Time Travel Fiction

What did Murph read?

Time Travel Fiction

Pendragon series

FANTASY EN MAC, Phase 1 library

Explore more!

Space and Time

Time Travel Fiction

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series

SCIFI EN ADA, Phase 1 library