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Taiwan Indigenous Tribes: Home

Introduce 4 Taiwan indigenous tribes (Paiwan, Bunun, Ami and Rukai) our British Junior students belong to to everyone!


Welcome to the Taiwan Indigenous Tribes guide!

Tabs across the top will guide you to different Taiwan Indigenous Tribes of your interest.

The Origin- Legends of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples

This video is the introduction of "The Origin" animation series, which includes 10 legends of Taiwan indigenous peoples. Check out "The Origin" DVD at our primary library before it is gone!

(The music is beautiful, don't forget to turn on your speaker when you enjoy this video!)

Beautiful photos of Taiwan Indigenous Tribes

Beautiful pictures of Taiwan indigenous people taken by professional photographer Rich Matheson. Click the photo below to enjoy more of his photograph works on his website!

Paiwan Aboriginal Boy in Sandimen Township (δΈ‰εœ°ι–€ι„‰)

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