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IB Citation and References: NoodleTools

Our library has a subscription of the citation tool NoodleTools for all the secondary and high school students.

You may access the service using your school Google account.

1. Go to the "Log In" page

2.  On the right side of the screen, there is the "Access via G Suite" option

3. Enter your school Google email

4. Click "Sign in with Google" 

Quick guide for students

This quick guide covers the following topics:
     How to create a new account
     How to start a new project and a source list
     How to create notecards
     How to share a project with your teacher
     How to set up a project collaboration with your classmates

How to create and edit a source reference

This tutorial covers the following topics:
     How to create a source reference
     How to edit a source reference
     How to add and edit an annotation
     How to delete and undelete source references