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ESC Scholastic Book Club: how to place an order

Book order for the upcoming author visit event

A Scholastic Book Club has been created to order books for the upcoming Neal Shusterman author visit event. Please follow the instructions in the box below and search for Neal Shusterman's books in the Scholastic Book Club catalogue. Please note that since only two titles (Scythe and Courage to Dream) are available in the Scholastic Book Club catalogue, you are welcome to order through other book suppliers to get the titles you wish to purchase. There is no obligation to order through this Scholastic Book Club. 

The estimated arrival time of the Scholastic Book Club books is in early February.

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity to order other books from the Scholastic Book Club, you are welcome!

Instruction for ordering

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running and you can now browse the latest books and order online. There are hundreds of fantastic Children’s books to choose from, all at great prices!

Please place your order online by the 25th of January, 2024

To place your order,

1) please type the link below into your browser:    

2) Click on the collection tab to browse or you can use the search box for specific titles that you are interested in.

3) Please add the books that you would like to order into your basket

4) Once you have finished and are happy with your order, please click on your basket in the top right-hand corner of the screen to proceed to the checkout.

Please be advised that items cannot be changed or added once you have paid. Please make sure you are happy with your order before paying. 

5) You will then need to enter your email address and choose a password

6) Once you have done this, you can enter the payment details for your order and checkout.

The prices are in USD and you will be charged in USD. You can only pay by card. We are not accepting cash or paper orders.


Your items will be delivered to the school after the closing date. Students will be informed to collect their orders from the library. Please note that sometimes items are not delivered because they are out of stock when the orders are put together for shipping. If you order something and it does not arrive, it is because it was not available. You will not be charged for items that do not arrive. 

If you have any questions regarding placing your order at any time you can email