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ESC Library Textbook Loans: Textbook Loans

Borrowing Textbooks

General Rules

Before school starts, the library will send a timetable for teachers to book a time to bring the class to the library to borrow textbooks. Students are not expected to come to the library to borrow on their own except there is teacher permission.

Starting from the third week of Term 1, students are allowed to borrow, return or exchange textbooks on their own. Since the textbooks are stored at the Ph1 library, please make a request to the library via email or in person before you come to the Ph2 library to collect it.

Teacher's permission is required if a student wants to borrow a textbook which is not currently being used by his/her class.

French Section

Each French student will be given a form on which the status of each textbook they were given was marked. Students and parents need to sign the form and return it to the French Section Office.


If you would like to know the availability of a specific title or your subject collection, please email the library team at any time.

If you would like your students to collect the textbooks from the library on their own, please inform the library team so that we can make sure that there are enough copies at the Ph2 library.


Lost or Damaged Textbooks

If you lost a textbook, you can either buy another identical copy and return it to the library or ask the librarian for the price of the book when the school purchased it. You will be charged for an extra NT$50 for processing materials.

If a textbook is returned damaged (i.e. by the judge of the librarian the item is no longer suitable for circulation), a full cost of replacement plus an extra NT$50 processing fee will be charged.