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English Resources: Database Subscriptions

Think Before You Search

  • What am I looking for? What do I want? What am I trying to find?

  • How would I (or someone else) talk about this? What keywords could I use in my search query?

  • How can I describe this better? Which of these keywords are common or general words? Which would be more specific? Are there better words I could use?

  • What kind of result am I looking for? Do I want a definition, a map, an image or a video?

Username and Password

Forget how to access our databases off-campus? Follow the steps below to find the username and password for off-campus access

1. Go to Oliver (library catalog)

2. Log in with your school Google workspace account

3. Go to NEWS on the top menu

Subscription Databases








What are Databases and Why you need them?

A nicely done video explains the benefits of using library databases for research over searching the web.

Visible and Invisible Web

infographic source: Morgan, Leanne. "Bringing databases closer to the surface" Leanne Morgan, 27 May 2018, Accessed 30 May 2018.