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Early Years Foundation Stage: learning to love books: Magazines

A guide for Nursery and Reception Parents


The library has a wide selection of magazines that your children are sure to love! Why not come in and check some out. 

Ranger Rick Jr. (age 4-7)

Ranger Rick Jr. is uniquely designed for kids ages 4 to 7

  • A full-sized magazine with 36 pages, including a full-sized poster in every issue
  • Designed especially for developing readers with larger text and shorter stories
  • Perfect for parent-child reading time
  • Loads of fun games, nature crafts and activities to help children develop a love of nature and wildlife

Nat Geo Little Kids

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Chirp’s innovative package of stories, puzzles, and activities is designed for 3- to 6-year-olds to enjoy on their own and with their parents, grandparents, and loved ones. Made for little hands and growing minds, the colourful pages, silly jokes, engaging stories, and early-learning activities in Chirp inspire young children to make their first attempts at reading, writing, and creating with age-appropriate content that gives youngsters confidence.


54 pages to enjoy every month!

A beautiful book-length story to read aloud, written and illustrated by top authors and artists from all around the world. From fairy tales to exciting adventures, here are stories that children will want to share with you over and over again.

Wonder with Whizkid introduces children to science and answers their questions about the world, with clear pictures and explanations.

Picture stories and comic-strips with great adventures and endearing heroes (SamSam, Little Brown Bear, Polo and more!) children will easily identify with.

Animal World introduces children to a new animal every month with a beautiful picture and simple captions.

Games and fun activities stimulate children’s creativity and observation skills.