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Early Years Foundation Stage: learning to love books: Reading Aloud

A guide for Nursery and Reception Parents

Reading aloud.... is it important? The answer is YES! 

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Reading Aloud - useful links

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Top reasons to read aloud

Read aloud so toddlers can: 

  • continue to associate reading with warm, pleasant feelings while learning about words and language.
  • expand their listening skills.
  • build their vocabularies with words they understand and can use.
  • consider books as fun and valuable play materials.
  • make links between pictures and stories in books and things and events in their world.
  • remember and join in with repetitive rhymes and phrases.
  • begin creating pictures in their minds while listening to stories.
  • begin understanding a few print concepts, such as pictures and print are symbols for real things, and that we read words, not pictures.
  • have fun!

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